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We want to thank AO Creative for donating their time to create such a great story and capturing what Elder Heart truly is about. We hope that this video will gather attention for Elder Heart and help us get projects in new locations. The more this video gets out the more exposure we get so please share to help spread the word about our mission.


22 USA military veterans take their own life every day. To raise awareness of this devastating statistic, we're launching the #Mission22 campaign. To learn more go to Mission22.com

"Art is a lie that makes us realize truth."

-Pablo Picasso

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Breaking the Stigma

Forward March

Brothers Tom and Scot Spooner have spent 37 collective years in the U.S. Army -- serving in both Special Forces and Special Operations capacities. Today, aside from leading Invictus -- their own successful training organization -- they are on a mission to help ... "It takes a warrior to heal a warrior" - Tom Spooner.

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